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Infrastructure for food marketing : some investment issues (英语)

This paper presents some of the problems likely to be encountered when considering projects to support food marketing systems, particularly grain marketing systems. It views grain distribution projects in their subsectoral context so that the interdependencies in the system can be taken into account. The degree of interdependence determines the mutual impact of the other parts of the system and the proposed investment, regulatory, or pricing decisions. Some guidelines for initiating a project on the basis of rudimentary data are provided, but quantifiable justification may have to be based on some sample data and on judgment. The paper identifies long term primary data collection objectives and secondary indicators and suggests that data collection become a part of normal government and parastatal operations. A total systems analysis framework is recommended for all follow-on projects, especially those where new infrastructure is tending to provide marginal capacity. The analytic tools are available in generalized form, but a package with direct applicability to the special problems encountered in grain marketing systems still has to be developed.