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Revised Resettlement Framework Federated States of Micronesia Prioritized Road Investment and Management Enhancements Project (P172225) (英语)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Environmental and Social Management Framework

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    Revised Resettlement Framework Federated States of Micronesia Prioritized Road Investment and Management Enhancements Project (P172225)

  • 关键词

    primary road; land use; negative impacts of climate change; secondary road; land acquisition; displaced person; road asset management system; replacement cost; impact of storm surge; customary land tenure systems; Land Acquisition and Resettlement; Environmental and Social Impact; resettlement action plan; vulnerability to climate change; impact of climate change; climate-related hazard; effect of climate change; standard of living; road work; climate change impact; sea level rise; Vulnerable Road Users; income earning capacity; acquisition of land; severe weather events; loss of income; rising sea levels; private land; environmental impact statement; road sector; real estate valuation; flow of fund; method of valuation; possession of land; construction of structure; land and water; applicable national law; use of land; place of residence; delegation of functions; customs and traditions; risk to health; movement of good; consultations with stakeholders; Resettlement Policy Framework; extreme weather event; establishment and maintenance; climate change risk; security of tenure; compensation at replacement; land tenure pattern; degree of autonomy; compensation for loss; road network planning; transfer of land; animal drawn cart; codes of practice; traffic calming measure; access for vehicle; change in precipitation; rights of way; expropriation of property; law and regulation; community base; land tenure arrangements; extreme rainfall events; geographic information system; access to asset; loss of land; construction of housing; place of work; level of governance; climate resilience; transaction cost; aquatic area; involuntary resettlement; drainage improvement; vulnerable group; traditional leaders; human environment; affected persons; land parcel; critical infrastructure; eminent domain; protected area; resettlement plan; Ownership Share Type; income restoration; resilient infrastructure; consultation meeting; spring tide; port facility; Fixed Assets; extended family; resettlement activities; compensation rate; land access; commercial activity; real property; stakeholder consultation; legislative requirement; international standard; future investment; living standard; coastal road; living condition; land area; state official; civil works; Natural Resources; elected representative; sea-level rise; functioning market; public comment; affected households; baseline data; residential land; physical work; public hearing; productive asset; tenure right; communal ownership; social aspect; Land Ownership; water table; Advisory services; coastal assets; pavement damage; tourist infrastructure; wave action; geographical dispersion; significant challenge; institutional strengthening; social condition; baseline assessment; safety procedure; informed participation; investment resource; external shock; adequate housing; vulnerable person; guiding principles; compensation strategy; government authority; land transport; Transport Systems; freshwater supply; saltwater intrusion; Outer Islands; natural disaster; health facility; transport network; coastal flood; air temperature; climate projections; individual choice; environmental consequence; assessment process; natural system; Population Density; cumulative effect; standard procedure; financial grant; environmental program; state agency; cooperative arrangement; environmental factor; unintended consequence; beneficial use; national policy; municipal government; business enterprise; lease agreement; state legislation; national legislation; terrestrial resources; legal entities; legal entity; private corporation; alien property; land transaction; hold land; cadastral survey; traditional economy; marine resource; indigenous language; private ownership; family land; cultural institution; land transfer; domestic corporation; nature conservancy; state land; environmental regulation; environmental issue; Road Networks; communications cost; local capacity; Environmental Assessment; bridge design