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Indonesia - Western Indonesia National Road Improvement Project : resettlement plan (Vol. 23) : Laporan akhir Larap Ruas WINRIP Kambang - Indrapura (KM 130+980 - 187+480) (巴哈萨语(印度尼西亚语))

The objective of the Western Indonesia National Roads Improvement Project is to support regional economic and social development in Indonesia by improving the condition of the national road network. Negative impacts include: loss of land, loss of plants, loss of income, loss of assets, affected structure (terrace, fence, and foundation), and loss of livelihood. Mitigation measures include: 1) affected buildings and other affected properties (fences, terrace, foundation) an estimate for compensation is given at replacement cost based on calculation using actual current market prices of materials and actual cost of labor for dismantling and rebuilding issued by Dinas Pekerjaan Umum of Bengkulu province; 2) compensation for affected plants are based on the market price that got from detailed measurement survey, which is equivalent to age, type, and production calue; 3) description of land acquisition plan and schedule of implementation; 4) outline of negotiation process to get agreement of compensation; 5) explanation on the process and time to get compensation; and 6) explanation about grievance redress mechanism.


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    Laporan akhir Larap Ruas WINRIP Kambang - Indrapura (KM 130+980 - 187+480)

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