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India - Improving child and maternal health in Tamil Nadu : Inde - Améliorer la santé infantile et maternelle dans le Tamil Nadu (法语)

This Results Profile talks about improving child and maternal health in Tamil Nadu, India. Tamil Nadu ranked among the best states in India in terms of human development, needed to reduce its infant and maternal mortality rates, especially among disadvantaged communities and in lagging regions. The Tamil Nadu Health Systems Project extended secondary health services in the rural areas through the establishment of eighty Comprehensive Emergency Obstetrics and Neonatal Centers and 385 ambulances, leading to improved access and quality of care for expectant mothers and infants. The infant mortality rate and maternal mortality ratio had reduced to a considerable rate. A computerized Hospital Management System streamlined hospital management by automating the processes. Rural women in the state of Tamil Nadu in India are able to reach a comprehensive emergency obstetric and neonatal health facility within a half an hour from their homes.