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Zambia - Zambia Business Survey : The profile and productivity of Zambian businesses (英语)

This report forms part of the findings of the Zambia Business Survey (ZBS). The ZBS comprised two separate surveys. The micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) Survey was a nationally representative survey across all nine provinces of individuals who owned and ran their own businesses and employed up to 50 individuals. The supplementary Large Business Survey (LBS) was a survey of 161 large enterprises employing 51 or more individuals. The results of the ZBS are in Volume 1, the main summary report. Volumes 2-5 cover: (2) the business landscape, which looks at the environment in which Zambian businesses operate; (3) productivity, which examines the productivity of Zambian enterprises;(4) access to finance, which explores the demand-side data relating to access to financial services; and (5) the Business Facilities Measure (BFM), a model that groups enterprises and divides the market into more manageable segments.


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    Clarke,George R., Munro, Juliet, Pearson Jr., Roland V., Shah, Manu Kedia, Sheppard,W. Marie

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    The profile and productivity of Zambian businesses

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