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Burundi - Agricultural Rehabilitation and Sustainable Land Management Project : restructuring : Main report (英语)

The objective of the Agricultural Rehabilitation and Sustainable Land Management Project for Burundi is to contribute to the recipient's goal of restoring the productive capacity and livelihoods of its rural population through ecologically and economically sustainable investments. The reallocation and extension are necessary to allow the project to continue to use efficiently and effectively its resources to: (i) respond to the pressing needs of project beneficiaries; and (ii) fund recently approved sub-projects. The reallocation of resources will help rebalance adequately resources between the training and the sub-project categories. In fact, overestimated training resources could not be disbursed in the short time frame while underestimated sub-project resources are being quickly disbursed due to high demands from the populations. The project objective continues to be achievable; the performance of the borrower and the implementing agency is satisfactory and the borrower has prepared an action plan acceptable to the Bank to complete the project. There are no outstanding audit reports and all reports are satisfactory to the Bank.