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Laos - National Polytechnic Institute Project (Vol. 2) : Training programs, staffing, technical assistance and manpower data working papers (英语)

The National Polytechnic Institute Project will support the Government's objective of reducing shortages of professional manpower in Laos. The National Polytechnic Institute Project will rehabilitate general facilities and provide specialized instructional facilities, equipment, furniture, instructional materials, fellowships and technical assistance, at the existing site of the National Polytechnic Institute (NPI). Four professional specializations will be included: electrical, mechanical, civil engineering, and management/economic engineering. The National Polytechnic Institute Project will also improve the higher technician training programs in these fields. NPI will be placed under one administration. Students will be admitted on the basis of an entrance examination, primarily in mathematics and physics. As a priority, staff training will be provided to upgrade professional skills and train the teachers required. Technical assistance will be provided for teaching, adapting teaching materials and managing the project. Funds will be provided for studies to assess how the quality, coverage, and financing of the education system could be improved.