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A simulation model of urban housing markets in developing countries (Vol. 2) : Documentation for the LDC housing model (英语)

Tremendous problems in housing are arising from the unprecedented rate of urbanization, and it is imperative for government actions to facilitate the most efficient production of new housing and the best utilization of the existing housing stock. Policy makers are too often unaware of all but the most direct effects of their policies. In order to assist their efforts, this paper reports on the major modifications made to the Urban Institute Housing Market Simulation Model to render it applicable to Third World cities. This model, the LDC Urban Housing Model, requires extensive knowledge of local conditions and is not applicable to policies affecting only a small fraction of the population. It provides a framework for understanding the functioning of the market; it will be a tool for analyzing the effects of broad policy initiatives and hence for policy development generally. The model is applied to a hypothetical city to illustrate the structure of its housing market. Then the effects of modifying a number of the features of this city are presented. The effects of imposing limits on the amount of market sector and squatter sector new construction are illustrated. Volume II contains the documentation for running the LDC model computer program.