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China - Anhui Aged Care System Demonstration Project : environmental assessment : Environment and social management plan (英语)

The development objective of the Anhui Aged Care System Demonstration Project for China is to support the government of Anhui Province in establishing and managing a diversified (public and private) system of delivery of elderly care services, including home, community and residential services, that serves both urban and rural elders. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures are includes : (i) enclosed vehicles shall be used for the transport of construction waste. Tossing is prohibited. Construction waste shall be classified as required by applicable regulations and shall be recycled as much as possible and transported and disposed in a timely manner; (ii) dust control measures at the construction site shall be worked out before the commencement of the construction by the construction company; (iii) The entrance and exit roads of the construction site shall be hardened by concrete and vehicle washing facilities shall be equipped. Vehicles leaving the site must be washed and rinsed well before it leaves; (iv) it is prohibited to burn asphalt, asphalt felt, rubber, plastic, leather, rubbish and materials that produce toxic smoke, dust and odor at the construction site; (v)domestic sewage refers mainly to the sewage caused by construction workers dining and toilet flushing. It goes into the municipal sewage pipe network; (vi) take applicable measures to effectively control the production of pollutants in the wastewater based on the discontinuous and single type nature of the wastewater; (vi)formulate temporary transition plan for the construction period to help the elderly to adapt to the new environment as soon as possible and to reduce the environmental impact and potential risks during the construction; (vii) clear the stacked construction waste in a timely manner to reduce dust, and asbestos is strictly prohibited; (viii)use low-noise mechanical equipment or sound-insulation and noise-absorption equipment.