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Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Institutional Foundations to Improve Services For Health - P169641 (英语)


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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Institutional Foundations to Improve Services For Health - P169641

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    sustainable management; Environmental and Social Review Summary; Social Risk Rating; community health and safety; medical waste management plan; Environmental and Social Impact; Environmental Policy; access to quality education; supply chain management; lack of awareness; Political Economy Analysis; human resource management; channels of communication; medical waste disposal; reproductive health outcomes; human development outcome; poor urban community; environmental risk; drugs and supplies; average life expectancy; high fertility rate; human capital accumulation; grievance redress mechanism; reproductive health commodity; forms of gender; teenage pregnancy; poor household; Maternal Mortality; civil works; behavior change; land use; safeguard specialist; risk assessment; rural area; Health Service; institutional strengthening; stakeholder engagement; risk classification; employment option; vulnerable communities; young woman; cultural trait; school dropout; severely limits; early pregnancy; gender inequalities; Gender Inequality; socioeconomic disparity; legal requirement; adverse risks; data management; social standard; drug procurement; direct investment; geographic footprint; local knowledge; disadvantaged population; adolescent girl; community engagement; human population; project risk; working condition; general assessment; contract worker; environmental health; project intervention; environmental compliance; behavioral change; indigenous people; physical expansion; involuntary resettlement; primary production; Natural Resources; Indigenous Peoples; institutional weakness; physical environment; disease outbreak; cultural components; effective action; Cultural Heritage; cultural issues; institutional system; land acquisition; environmental specialist; Demographic Transition; stakeholder identification; Public Services; adequate provision; government staff; Young Workers; significant challenge; external support; inclusive growth; social indicator; institutional management; international waterway; donor financing