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Laos - Nam Theun 2 Hydroelectric Project (Vol. 15) : Fourth report of the International Advisory Group (IAG) on the World Bank's handling of social and environmental issues (英语)

The Nam Theun 2 Hydroelectric Project in the Lao People's Democratic Republic will dam the Nam Thuen, creating a reservoir and generating power. Key environmental impacts of project operation are in the areas of physical and biological environment, associated with changes to hydrology, water quality, erosion rates, climate and groundwater, aquatic and terrestrial habitats, species diversity, protected areas, and endangered species. Hydrology impacts include impoundment of the Nam Thuen, diversion of water, and changes in flow. Water quality impacts include low dissolved oxygen concentration, increased nutrient concentrations in initial years, wastewater discharges from construction sites and work camps, and sedimentation from construction sites. Erosion and sedimentation impacts include changes in sedimentation in the reservoir and downstream and changes in riverbank erosion. Impacts on aquatic species include alteration of habitats, disfavoring certain species, imposing a barrier to migration, unfavorable conditions for species, alterations in species composition and productivity of the river; and damage due to sedimentation. Terrestrial biodiversity impacts include affects on land and vegetation including loss of land to reservoir, increased access to area, and increased human habitation. Other impacts include generation of minor micro-climatic changes on the plateau and affects on endangered species. Mitigation measures for these impacts are provided.


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    EcoLao, International Advisory Group (IAG), Laos, Nam Thuen II Power Company Ltd., Norplan

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    Fourth report of the International Advisory Group (IAG) on the World Bank's handling of social and environmental issues

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    Environmental assessment; Biodiversity conservation; Aquatic ecology; Forest conservation; Reforestation; Resettlement allowances; Social development; External auditors; Financial planning; Ecosystem management; Watershed management; Dams; Land degradation; Institutional capacity; Financial management; Electricity trade; Electric utilities load management; Regulatory framework; Community participation; Technology transfer; Crop management; Food security; Education programs; Health care