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Mexico - Environmental Project (英语)

The Mexico Environmental Project's overall outcome was marginally unsatisfactory, with likely sustainability and modest institutional development. The audit differed from the completion report in the area of Bank performance, which was deemed unsatisfactory due to flaw and poor quality of project preparation and appraisal. Despite major changes to the original implementation framework and cancellation of more than half its original budget, the project managed to deliver on many of its original and revised components including an air pollution program, wildlife program, turtle program, and training activities. However, instead of tackling major environmental problems, the project was mostly devoted to staffing and strengthening the newly created federal environmental agencies. Lessons learned include A) project designs need to be focused; b) expect surprises , particularly in the environmental sector; b) major changes in a sector need to be done in tandem with adjustments to the national policy; d) move from financing activities to financing goals; and e) bank staff, and staff at the local agencies, should be better aware of their counterpart operational frameworks.