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World development report 2008 : agriculture for development - overview : World development report 2008 : agriculture for development - overview (英语)

The overall message of this year's World Development Report (WDR), the 30th in the series is that agriculture is a vital development tool for achieving the millennium development goal that calls for halving by 2015 the share of people suffering from extreme poverty and hunger. This report provides guidance to governments and the international community on designing and implementing agriculture-for-development agendas that can make a difference in the lives of hundreds of millions of rural poor. The report highlights two major regional challenges. In much of Sub-Saharan Africa, agriculture is a strong option for spurring growth, overcoming poverty, and enhancing food security, whereas in Asia, and overcoming widespread poverty requires confronting widening rural-urban income disparities. This report addresses three main questions: 1) What can agriculture do for development? 2) What are effective instruments in using agriculture for development? 3) How can agriculture-for-development agendas best be implemented?