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Development issues : presentations to the 49th meeting of the Development Committee (英语)

The Development Committee held its 49th meeting in Madrid, Spain on October 3, 1994. There were two main items on the agenda: first, "Aid effectiveness"; and second, "The impact of the Uruguay Round on the developing and transition economies". The committee based its discussion on joint issues paper and reports prepared by the World Bank and the IMF as well as supplementary papers provided by international organizations. The first item gave the Committee an opportunity to concentrate on the issue of aid effectiveness in terms of achieving the ultimate objective of development; that is to reduce poverty and to improve living standards through environmentally sustainable growth and investment in people. The issues paper highlights the importance not only of the quantity, but also of the quality of aid and ministers recognized that improving the effectiveness with which aid resources are spent was essential. On the seond item, Ministers reviewed the results of the recently-completed Uruguay Round multilateral trade negotiations and their impact on the developing countries as well as on the future work of the World Bank and the IMF. Ministers recognized that it seemed likely that the existing instruments of the World Bank and the IMF would be adequate to deal with the negative effects of the Uruguay Round on some countries during the transitional period. Ministers also took note of the progress made on several other issues which are outlined in the reports of the Managing Director of the IMF and the President of the World Bank, such as the impact on developing countries of recent trends in the world economy; resources transfers; Global Environmental Facility; special program of assistance for Africa; debt strategy; and responding to challenges in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.