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Russian Federation - Registration Project (英语)

The Russian Federation Registration Project will support on-going reforms of the registration system of rights in immovable property in Russia through improving procedures and the information flow from the registry to users with a development objective to facilitate the development of real property markets, improve the quality of services provided, and strengthen the linkages with other organizations dealing with real property. These other organizations will include the Federal Cadastre Agency, the Tax Authorities, municipal government, and representatives of the private sector, such as notaries and real estate brokers. The project has been designed in four main components: Component 1, Institutional Development, includes activities to improve the quality of registration services to the public, improve office facilities, and monitor project effectiveness in improving customer services. Component 2, Informatics, supports the development of application software for registration, provides the main hardware required, and converts data in existing systems to the new system. Component 3, Improvement of the Professional Skills of Registration Service Staff, is designed to ensure that all staff of the registration agency are provided with sufficient information and training to carry out their tasks in the new system. Component 4, Project Management, provides the logistical and management support to carry out the project.