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Project Information Document - Social Protection and Economic Resilience Project - P173640 (英语)


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    Project Information Document - Social Protection and Economic Resilience Project - P173640

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    Social Protection; social protection system; Environmental and Social Risk Classification; direct social assistance; access to clean drinking water; social protection program; Occupational health and safety; economic empowerment of woman; community health and safety; per capita food consumption; families with child; human capital investment; human capital development; income generation opportunities; social assistance program; social protection policy; conflict and fragility; social protection sector; human capital outcomes; social protection transfer; machinery and equipment; social action program; source of income; social protection beneficiaries; fragile and conflict; source income; human capital endowment; financial management staff; essential social services; poor urban population; financial management activities; emission of dust; extreme climate events; social assistance interventions; use of pesticide; access to health; Investment Project Financing; labor force participation; safety net program; Social Risk Rating; social assistance system; risk of violence; social protection strategy; civil works; financing mechanism; government budget; productive asset; productive capacity; rural area; environmental risk; poor household; vulnerable household; administrative capacity; emergency social; drainage channel; education service; Education Services; other sectors; forced displacement; child malnutrition; limited coverage; seed capital; subsequent section; agricultural finance; complementary activities; contingent financing; policy planning; adverse risks; operational process; vulnerable family; consumption need; Cash Transfer; Displaced Population; vulnerable youth; social impact; community activity; productive skill; improved delivery; sewage sludge; operational planning; fiscal space; soil pollution; water bodies; waste generation; financial inclusion; allocative efficiency; poverty incidence; chemical hazard; core objectives; beneficiary household; physical environment; emergency support; poverty decline; rural village; productivity growth; Payments for Services; affected country; basic infrastructure; private investment; natural hazard; average household; operational implementation; operational activity; operational responsibility; poverty increase; payment process; project datum; financing instrument; project costing; procurement process; vulnerable population; across province; financial flow; monetary poverty; relative gain; agricultural sector; urban concentration; contextual environment; security risk; equitable access; historical development; addressing poverty; Informal Work; social distance; health authorities; baseline conditions; prevention measures; geographical distribution; economic vulnerability; income growth; child labor; coping strategy; school participation; physical infrastructure; consumption level