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India - Andhra Pradesh Community Based Tank Management Project : restructuring : Main report (英语)

The objective of the Andhra Pradesh Community Based Tank Management Project in India is for selected tank based producers to improve agricultural productivity and water user associations to manage tank systems effectively. The closing date for the project will be extended from December 31, 2012 until September 30, 2014. The extension will enable: (i) satisfactory completion of all tank rehabilitation works, including pending dam safety works in some tanks; (ii) completion of additional works which have been identified in certain project tanks to improve the irrigation distribution system and enhance water use efficiency in these tanks; (iii) handover of rehabilitated tanks to the water user associations (WUAs) in an orderly manner for future operations and maintenance; and (iv) taking additional measures to strengthen post-project sustainability. The extension is necessary to implement the project as planned and achieve the project development objectives. The Borrower has in place an action plan to complete the project. This will be the first extension of the project.