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Evaluation of the World Bank Group's Experience with Safeguard and Sustainability Policies (1999-2008) (Approach Paper) (英语)

Environmental and social concerns about public and private sector investments in developing countries have increased significantly in recent decades with a growing societal awareness of the potential risks if the wider impacts of projects are not fully considered. Over time the World Bank Group (WBG) and other IFIs have developed safeguard and sustainability policies to address these concerns and associated risks. Over the last ten years several issues have arisen which have motivated this proposed evaluation. The overarching evaluative questions are: How effective has the safeguard policy framework of the WBG been in preventing and mitigation adverse environmental and social impacts? What has been its impact on client capacity? What are the benefits as well as costs of safeguards, and how might the benefits be strengthened and costs reduced going forward? The methodology to evaluate the questions includes a portfolio review and literature survey of both WBG and non-WBG documents.