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Egypt - East Delta Agricultural Services Project (英语)

The objective of the East Delta Agricultural Services Project is to provide support services to facilitate the settlement and increased agricultural production of about 26,000 farm families on 130,000 feddans of newly developed lands in the East Delta, leading to increased farm incomes and laying the basis for the development of a viable rural economy in the East Delta area. The project has five components: 1) Agricultural support services, extension and adaptive research service, provided to smallholders, graduates, and cooperative members; and supporting the development of water users associations and service cooperatives; 2) The financing of on-farm infrastructure, tertiary irrigation and drainage works; 3) Installing drinking water supplies in the two sub-schemes of North and South Hussainia; 4) Financial support services, including a line of credit for short-, medium-, and long-term credit for purchasing agricultural inputs, livestock, farm machinery, and equipment for agro-processing; and supporting the establishment of four new village banks; and 5) Financing project management, monitoring, and evaluation, including environmental monitoring.


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    Egypt - East Delta Agricultural Services Project

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