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Concept Program Information Document (PID) - Liberia Inclusive Growth Development Policy Operation 3 - P176993 (英语)


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    Africa West,

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    Concept Program Information Document (PID) - Liberia Inclusive Growth Development Policy Operation 3 - P176993

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    social inclusion; efficiency of the public sector; Environmental and Social Impact Assessment; poverty and social impact; rent-seeking behavior; Recipient-Executed Trust Fund; economic and social performance; Agriculture; resilience to climate change; financial inclusion; private investment; inclusive growth; impact on poverty; formal financial service; combination of factor; Energy; economic diversification; program development; tax incentive; access to finance; agricultural input market; informal sector activity; quality of governance; Social Safety Nets; public service delivery; domestic revenue mobilization; climate change adaptation; extreme weather event; climate-related shock; poverty reduction support; low water level; trade development; access to health-care; asset accumulation; underserved group; digital finance; financial accountability; other development; Energy Sector; support measure; good governance; reduce trade; agricultural productivity; government's objectives; poor household; rural resident; low-income household; national ownership; household enterprise; light manufacturing; legal framework; improved seed; financial viability; productivity growth; regulatory provision; employment opportunity; hydropower production; political consensus; as financial; improving energy; institutional framework; employment opportunities; social environment; gender inequalities; youth unemployment; social cohesion; monetary poverty; international standard; gender disparity; unequal access; productive asset; Social Protection; Job Creation; Public Services; in poverty; real gdp; export structure; iron ore; environmental risk; financing instrument; human capital; peacekeeping force; project datum; exogenous shock; land right; rubber prices; digital economy; environmental law; Natural Resources; regional disparity; Gender Inequality