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Meeting India’s demand for electricity (日语)

This Results Profile focuses on meeting India’s demand for electricity. India faces an acute deficit of electric power. Almost half of all Indian households do not have access to electricity. As India’s energy resources are spread unevenly across the country, the efficient transmission of power from surplus to deficient regions is critical. There was therefore, a pressing need to strengthen and expand the all-India national transmission network, the national grid. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development has been involved with India’s energy program for more than a decade, using innovative financing and technical advice to help the Indian government and POWERGRID address the country’s energy shortages. Between 1993 and 2003, the Bank concentrated its efforts on helping develop the national transmission network by strengthening regional grids, facilitating the transfer of power across the regions through POWERGRID. In 2007, the Rampur hydropower project marked the first Bank-financed hydropower development in India since 1989. India’s electricity transmission system operator has been consistently maintaining transmission system availability at over 99 percent, which is at par with international utilities. POWERGRID has tripled its transmission network and is one of the world's largest electricity transmission system operators


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    Meeting India’s demand for electricity

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