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Labor Management Procedures Indonesia Inclusive Livelihoods for Poor Rural Communities in Eastern Indonesia Project (P174902) (英语)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Procedure and Checklist

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    Labor Management Procedures Indonesia Inclusive Livelihoods for Poor Rural Communities in Eastern Indonesia Project (P174902)

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    occupational safety and health management system; terms and conditions of employment; environmental and social management; Occupational health and safety; Infection Prevention and Control; people with a disability; rights to collective bargaining; Management of Natural Resources; safe working conditions; public health measures; forced labor; personal protective equipment; standard and guideline; basic first aid; dispute resolution procedure; public health risk; right to organize; grievance redress mechanism; illness and death; standard of conduct; poor rural community; equal opportunity employer; withholding income tax; dispute resolution process; rights of workers; risk management approach; standard of behaviour; Local Economic Development; social security program; Labor Law; minimum wage; labor management; working day; community workers; national authority; public meeting; policy formulation; public consultation; economic sector; regular monitoring; sexual harassment; mitigation measure; health facility; proper hygiene; Salary Scales; social distance; position classification; community group; contract worker; work accident; labor requirement; overtime work; employment term; operational reports; research design; monitoring indicator; employing child; wage council; minimum age; program administration; geographical location; monthly salary; government regulation; tax law; village levels; effective approach; Death Insurance; monitoring plan; monitoring activity; problem-solving skill; skin color; business process; fraudulent activity; political orientation; administrative sanction; recruitment policy; spot check; old age; safeguard policy; Safeguard Policies; ethical behaviour; JSDF Program; equal remuneration; operations management; employment termination; Social Protection; national requirement; procurement system; religious backgrounds; labor agreement; child labor; employment relationship; fundamental right; equal right; last resort; rational use; minimum requirement; monitoring compliance; financial aspect; employment policy; workers' rights; job qualification; market rate; trade union; duty station; salary survey; existing resources; Employment Policies; climate hazard; adaptive capacity; good faith; civil works; equitable benefit; vehicle rental; air travel; food system; safety standard; benefit sharing; Advisory services; gender mainstreaming; safety equipment; village economy; public hearing; public audit; community base; livelihood support; evaluation system; community approach; administrative control; grievance mechanism; stakeholder engagement; risk assessment; labor issue; village fund; internal control; health authorities; stakeholder involvement; sustainable landscape; local actors; seat belt; institutional linkage; poor household; empowerment initiatives; vulnerable population; community participation; livelihood opportunity; Program of Activities; inclusive development; transferring knowledge; commodity production; base standard; applicable law; safety measure; medical service; local emergency; social capital; marginal areas; local food