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Tanzania - Country portfolio performance review (Vol. 2) : Annex 1: Progress on the 2000 CPPR agreed action plan (英语)

The primary objective of the April 2003 CPPR is to identify critical factors constraining a fuller and sustainable achievement of the development impact of IDA's assistance to Tanzania and to agree on a realistic action plan to remove the key constraints. Specifically, the goals of the CPPR are to: assess progress in implementing the plan of action of the September 2000 CPPR; review status of the FY02 portfolio; review track record of Bank-assisted projects/operations in Tanzania in achieving their intended results on the ground at the country level; discuss key systemic/generic implementation issues including directions of IDA's future assistance program; and agree on an action plan and timetable for resolving identified issues. Building on the last CPPR for Tanzania done in September 2000, the April 2003 review continues the effort being made at transforming the CPPR to a more open and forward-looking process. Focus on individual projects and their current problems is minimal. Instead, there is a special annex on project profiles (Annex II) with brief write-ups on each project in the portfolio, putting each project in its sectoral context and focusing on the project's development objectives; components and activities; key issues and challenges for the Government, the Bank, and other stakeholders; and the way forward. The CPPR also focuses on the Government's and Bank performance in key portfolio management areas. Further, it compares Tanzania's portfolio performance to that of the Africa Region and Bank-wide averages using selected key performance indicators. This is the first Tanzania CPPR to include a review of the track record of Bank-assisted projects in the country, focusing on their outcomes, sustainability, and institutional development impact and assessing Bank and Government performance. In addition to covering core issues of portfolio performance, the CPPR focuses on sectoral portfolio issues and examines the directions that IDA's future assistance program should take as well as modalities for delivering that program. The discussion document also includes a brief profile of projects in the FY03 lending program (Annex III).


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    Annex 1: Progress on the 2000 CPPR agreed action plan

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    Portfolio evaluation; Portfolio management; Portfolio performance; Project objective; Portfolio performance reviews; Components design; Project components design; Government performance; Performance evaluations; Performance indicators; Project sustainability; Institutional development; Outcome indicators; Performance ratings; Project data sheets