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Green Growth Advisory Program for Lao PDR : Managing Pesticides for Greener Growth in Lao PDR - Policy Note (英语)


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    Green Growth Advisory Program for Lao PDR : Managing Pesticides for Greener Growth in Lao PDR - Policy Note

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    pesticide management; safety in agriculture; contribution to poverty reduction; Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures; crop and livestock; incidence of pest; contract farming arrangement; organic agriculture system; livestock sector development; pest control crisis; climate change impact; millennium development goal; good laboratory practice; lack of knowledge; personal protective equipment; sustainable development policy; Rule of Law; internationally legally binding; registration of pesticide; compliance with legislation; pesticide legislation; pest outbreak; green growth; sound management; disposal system; legislative reform; legal framework; chemical use; soil fertility; livestock health; legal foundation; government priority; legal basis; pesticide cost; disposal option; social impact; health implications; cgiar system; binding instrument; enforcement activity; export commodity; premium price; local market; agricultural produce; sustainable agriculture; remote area; storage facility; Counterfeit Products; drainage ditch; awareness raising; land degradation; pesticide manufacturer; government response; crop yield; knowledge system; distribution channel; medical treatment; field survey; climate variability; water resource; financial resource; negative effect; ecological perspective; disease impact; pesticide poisoning; agricultural intensification; data system; biological resource; sustainable management; Natural Resources; production system; agricultural production; evaluation framework; environmental externality; agricultural concessions; quality seed; conservation goal; educational campaign; awareness campaign; gradual transition; education campaign; agricultural chemical; early success; organic farming; ecosystem service; regional demand; farmer produce; market access; safety equipment; Agricultural Trade; information exchange; trading partner; emergency response; food product; pesticide residue; Rural Poor; primary method; agenda 21; agricultural competitiveness