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India. Maharashtra Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project : Environmental Assessment (Vol. 2) : Environmental Analysis Study (英语)

The Project for India - Maharashtra Rural Water supply and Sanitation will increase rural community's access to improved and sustained drinking water and sanitation services, and decentralize the rural water supply and sanitation service delivery to Panchayati Raj Institutions. Selection of water supply source would be demand driven guided by water quantity, quality, capital, and operation and maintenance costs. There will be anticipated impacts, and mitigating measure. The women's empowerment fund will develop skills, and improve the livelihoods of poor women lacking access to watsan services due to gender, and poverty inequity. Communities would be advised to adopt appropriate waste water disposal measures such as soak pits to avoid drinking water scarcity, less water during the summer, and silting of tanks/ponds. Develop a program to educate the community about the need to maintain groundwater balance, and control over collective exploitation, and to avoid over-extraction of groundwater, and drying of drinking water wells. Technical manuals will provide with guidelines for environmentally safe disposal methods to reduce diseases, health expenditures, and lack of safe disposal of chemicals. Capacity building of the community/school to properly maintain facilities. Promote a sanitary, and hygienic living environment to avoid surface contamination.