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Sudan - Institutional and Human Development in South Sudan Project : restructuring : Main report (英语)

The objective of the Institutional and Human Development in South Sudan Project is to provide the foundation for effective, efficient and transparent functioning of the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) by: 1) strengthening the capacity of key ministries, 2) improving the management of information within government and, 3) enhancing the governments capacity for internal and external communications; and to increase access to labour market, welfare and vocational training services by developing the governments capacity for regulating the labour market and designing and implementing labour market and vocational training programs. The project expenditure increased to 86 percent by end of October 2010. Around 98 percent of the project amount is committed and 80 percent of the project activities have been completed. The no cost extension is necessary to ensure that one sub component from the rehabilitation of the Juba Vocational Training Centers (VTC) and the incomplete sub components related to the Ministry of postal and telecommunication services can be completed.