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Development issues : presentations to the 46th meeting of the Development Committee : Problemes de developpement : communications faites a la 46e reunion du Comite du Developpement (法语)

In this document, the President of the World Bank addresses the Development Committee on major development issues. The Committee concentrated its discussion on two related issues: "Developing Country Access to Private Capital Flows"; and "The Transfer of Private Resources to Developing Countries". A subsidiary but related theme is the Progress Report on the World Bank Group's Private Sector Development Strategy. Ministers devoted most of their time to reviewing the prospects for increasing flows of private resources and improving the access of developing countries to the world markets for loan and equity capital. They also focused on the role of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in promoting and catalyzing private flows, and the extent of any remaining obstacles by the member countries in the way of private flows.


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    Problemes de developpement : communications faites a la 46e reunion du Comite du Developpement

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