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Kenya - Moving towards the tipping point : Kenya - Une période charnière pour franchir le cap (法语)

Kenya is a country with a complex reality: a low-income country struggling to overcome a divisive legacy and aspiring to achieve middle-income status by 2030. Although Kenya since independence has enjoyed only a few instances where gross domestic product (GDP) growth exceeded 5 percent for three consecutive years, reforms since 2000 have improved its economic fundamentals. The country may well be on its way to reaching a tipping point and entering a period of sustained economic growth. Kenya can achieve lower middle-income status (per capita income of United States (U.S. $1,000) by 2020, if it grows at about 6 percent per annum in the interim period. The focus of the investment lending portfolio will be on infrastructure, transport, energy (moving toward more diversified generation), and water. International Development Association (IDA) will also continue to provide the right kind of knowledge that will help policy makers to make the decisions that will move the country forward.


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    Kenya - Une période charnière pour franchir le cap

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