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Cape Verde - Transport Sector Project : resettlement plan : Relatorio preliminar (葡萄牙语)

The project for the Transport Sector Reform in Cape Verde, totaling 19 million U.S. dollars has four components: (i) the preservation of heritage road maintenance contracts including road network, selected to the islands intervention project, (ii) strengthening the institutional framework and project management for the road sector, (iii) road safety, and (iv) technical assistance (TA) to the Government's reform program in the air and maritime transport sector. The involuntary resettlement procedure is not triggered simply because people are affected by physical displacement. It is implemented because the activity considered requires the acquisition of parcels of land occupied or used by people for various needs or activities (housing, agricultural, pastoral, forestry, cultural activities, etc.). The holders of official land title receive compensations. Those who have neither official deeds nor titles covering the lands they occupy that could be recognized receive only resettlement assistance. The compensation mechanisms will be done in cash, kind or in form of support.


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