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Vietnam - Trung Son Hydropower Project (英语)

This Results Profile focuses on Trung Son Hydropower Project (TSHPP) in Vietnam. Vietnam’s annual growth rate has led to an increasing demand for power. Electricity consumption in Vietnam has been growing at 15 percent annually for the past several years. Chronic shortages were affecting the agricultural, industrial and services sector, while many houses did not have electricity. To meet the demand, TSHPP was approved by the World Bank. The project included the development, construction, and operation of the power plant using water from the Ma River and releasing it into the same basin. The project provided safe, affordable and sustainable power supply to the people of Vietnam. It improved the living conditions of the people through improved road access for villagers and surrounding areas. It also provided flood control benefits through a water storage capacity of 112 million cubic meters. TSHPP is a good example of a well-designed, medium-scale hydropower project that met international good practices in technical design, analysis of alternatives, and particularly environmental, social and dam safety elements.