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Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) The Philippines Multisectoral Nutrition Project (P175493) (英语)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Environmental and Social Management Plan

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    Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) The Philippines Multisectoral Nutrition Project (P175493)

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    health for all; Gender-Based Violence; community capacity building; Environment and Social Management Plan; health and nutrition; Infant and Young Child Feeding; Environmental and Social Management Plan; Disaster Risk Reduction and Management; Environmental and Social Review Summary; degradation of critical natural habitats; integrated management of childhood illness; nutrition action plan; health and nutrition programs; primary health care services; maternal and child health; community health and safety; adequate amounts of micronutrient; Occupational health and safety; capacity building of community; cross-cutting themes; primary health care system; capacity-building support; delivery of nutrition services; antenatal and postnatal care; finance performance; capacity-building activity; health care seeking behavior; child's growth and development; primary health care facilities; mother and child health; maternal child health care; construction of infrastructure; grievance redress mechanism; healthcare waste management; Program of Activities; access to sanitation; child growth monitoring; sanitation and hygiene; nutrition in emergencies; community empowerment; drinking water supply; social service development; incidence of poverty; provision of equipment; lack of awareness; Early childhood education; reproductive health service; vitamin a supplementation; early child development; person with disability; places of worship; primary health service; provision of water; violence against woman; provision water; national water resource; health seeking behavior; adequate antenatal care; ozone-depleting substance; community level intervention; capacity building support; breastfeeding promotion; household and individual; civil society group; use of performance; vegetable and fruit; improving service delivery; prevalence of malnutrition; water supply facilities; quality improvement intervention; commercial logging operations; trade in tobacco; primary care services; international good practice; community health worker; existing community structure; milk collection center; adverse social impact; place of residence; tropical moist forest; operation of infrastructure; acute respiratory infection; potable water source; civil works; institutional strengthening; acute malnutrition