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Indonesia - Tree Crops Human Resource Development Project (英语)

Ratings for the Tree Crops Human Resource Development (HRD) Project for Indonesia were as follows: outcomes were satisfactory, project sustainability was likely, Bank performance was satisfactory, and Borrower performance was also satisfactory. Some lessons learned included: the complete training process must be systematically managed if sustainable training practices are to be institutionalized. Technical assistance is needed to create the technical capacity required to manage HRD successfully. The lesson from this project is that a technical assistance team willing to share and transfer technology can be very effective. Regular visits and continuity of staff from the Bank and the concerned institution are essential in projects where the process of change is being supported. It is essential that the Bank 'stay the course' in terms of advice and support as the institution goes through the cycles of apparent progress and regression associated with institutional change. Clear progress indicators should be agreed at project design stage to serve as reminders of interim goals for project implementers and supervisors, as benchmarks to be attained before moving the institutional change process forward; and as a 'road map' for managers in the institution who support change.