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Albania - Environment Services Project (英语)


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    Albania - Environment Services Project

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    global environment facility trust fund; Urban and Rural Development; sustainable land management; water subsector; forest planning and management; non timber forest products; national spatial data infrastructure; Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry; vulnerability to climate change; environmental service; pasture land; forest management planning; payment for work; upland area; natural resource sector; rural land use; process of review; common agricultural policy; water irrigation; agriculture and forestry; Air Quality Management; access to fund; Natural Resource Management; geographic information system; effective forest management; pesticide management; environmental management activities; sustainable forest management; cost benefit analysis; value chain analysis; transfer of land; forest product processing; climate change adaptation; condition of effectiveness; control over resources; primarily due; management of forest; delay in procurement; net present value; public water utility; alternative investment opportunities; Private Sector Growth; achievement of targets; sustainable rural livelihood; assessment of achievement; climate change risk; water for irrigation; Recipient Executed Activities; extreme weather event; water for energy; Carbon sequestration; Pasture Management; agricultural land; forest sector; monetary benefit; environmental conservation; grant program; water point; protected area; communal forest; check dam; soil erosion; marketing plan; purchase agreement; National Institutions; forestry sector; pasture improvement; management responsibility; degraded lands; exchange rate; citizen engagement; forest land; qualitative data; customary right; Exchange Rates; rural area; agricultural sector; rural population; business planning; outcome targets; sustainable utilization; gender mainstreaming; social capital; Natural Resources; project finance; extreme poverty; equitable benefit; results framework; outcome indicator; alternative livelihood; beneficiary capacity; Ethnic Minorities; available data; benefit stream; forest department; land degradation; land transfer; reasons given; natural vegetation; market price; investment fund; transaction cost; short-term outcomes; small area; managed forest; commercial activity; wood product; parent company; state forestry; empowering women; sensitivity analysis; gender target; indigenous group; agriculture sector; physical asset; seasonal employment; gender focus; disbursement ratio; Environmental Resources; donor support; discount rate; change detection; natural capital; national scheme; result indicator; foreign exchange; loan proceeds; intermediate indicator; consultation activity; payment plan; Livestock Husbandry; forest rehabilitation; carbon market; competitive mechanism; capital value; high resolution; local population; anecdotal data; survey reporting; project duration; Technical Training; sustainable use; forest fund; satellite imagery; grant funds; data quality; european commission; Gender Equality; organizational management; food sector; local development; grant proposal; information architecture; hot spot; monitoring scheme; hydrological model; bathymetric survey; baseline study; cadastral parcel; data center; business requirement; indigenous background; government support; coordinate system; digital information; female participant; ownership right; remote sensing; beneficiary contribution; national coordinator; grant funding; soil structure; soil quality; small-scale infrastructure; increase productivity; vegetative cover; conservation interventions; native species; improve forest; institutional environment; carbon stock; land right; institutional change; accession process; sustainable way; forest communities; government budget; environment strategy; human capital; environment protection; environmental aspect; action group; individual farmer; environmental safeguard; Land tenure; private ownership; social gains; new practice; irrigation channel; environmental benefit