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Vietnam - Second Transmission and Distribution Project : environmental management plan (Vol. 8) : Environmental management plan - Tam Quan 110kv substation and branch line of Tam Quan Town- Binh Dinh Province (英语)

This environmental management plan for the Vietnam Second Transmission and Distribution Project identifies potential environmental risks and proposes measures to mitigate them. Negative measures include: identified risks derive from plane clearance, building an access road from the highway to the substation, air pollution from vehicle exhaust, uncovered vehicles transporting dusty materials, construction noise, electrical and electromagnetic transmission, wastewater, risk of fire and explosion, and solid waste. Mitigation measures include: i) damping down dust and covering vehicles; ii) providing compensation for asset loss; iii) ensuring that vehicles have internal combustion engines and operating licenses; iv) scheduling construction, notifying locals if construction is needed at night; v) ensuring electrical equipment complies with national or international standards; vi) treating wastewater; vii) installing fire prevention equipment; viii) installing drainage systems; and ix) collecting and transporting water to city disposal sites.