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Labor Management Procedures Ukraine Improving Higher Education for Results Project (P171050) (英语)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Procedure and Checklist

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    Labor Management Procedures Ukraine Improving Higher Education for Results Project (P171050)

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    Environmental and Social Management Framework; Environmental and Social Management Plan; Occupational health and safety; employment agreement; higher education institution; performance-based funding; quality of higher education; health and safety requirement; right to social protection; occupational safety and health; labor protection; overtime work; working condition; labor dispute; dangerous working condition; categories of worker; trade union organization; hazardous working condition; trade union representative; women with child; eighteen years old; personal protective equipment; national labor legislation; consequences of accident; european investment bank; social insurance contribution; fruit and vegetable; Gender-Based Violence; person with disability; higher education sector; number of workers; machinery and equipment; right of citizens; grievance redress mechanism; compensation of damage; recruitment of woman; safe working conditions; healthy working conditions; exploitation of child; repair and maintenance; rules of conduct; asbestos-containing materials; technical assistance service; vocational training program; interests of worker; establishment and maintenance; in hazardous work; remuneration of labor; age of employment; means of communication; prevention of accident; local self-government body; higher education system; quality and transparency; agriculture and forestry; case of emergency; higher education reform; maintenance of building; working time; occupational disease; financial autonomy; seasonal work; in work; legal entity; part-time work; legal entities; medical examination; pregnant woman; local state; working day; disabled child; Temporary Work; legislative act; civil works; annual leave; minimum wage; labor contract; special training; authorized body; natural person; Labor Law; contract worker; natural disaster; rest period; emergency situation; employment contract; labor arbitration; emergency service; Additional Leave; reduced work; probation period; Fire Safety; state supervision; employment relation; probationary period; seasonal worker; organizational principles; underground work; labor activity; paid leave; minimum salary; maternity leave; work performance; destination point; labor service; own fund; night work; educational institution; Distance Learning; public property; migrant worker; digital infrastructure; children of ages; labor relation; industrial accident; unforeseen circumstance; vocational school; production conditions; comprehensive school; technical school; school day; internal regulation; hourly rate; recreation facilities; preparatory work; developmental needs; school year; chemical industry; monetary compensation; weekly rest; safety specialist; national defense; manufacturing industry; Forest Management; vocational educational; sugar industry; mining industry; employing child; learning process; minimum age; unpaid leave; full repayment; monthly salary; monetary term; work year; minimum level; salary levels; public railway; fiscal authority; pupils age; child birth; ownership form; national economy; temporary measure; living condition; rolling stock; industrial sanitation; work underground; hazardous condition; risk assessment; blue-collar occupation; employer having; regular monitoring; basic benefit; geological condition; health status; dangerous machinery; fire protection; criminal code; employment age; partial payment; compensation payment; labor standard; guarantee payment; time limit; working age; internal migrant; research capacity; legal act; safety rule; labor requirement; construction work; authorized officials; local self government; state committee; executive power; legal relation; social requirement; state power; international migrant; employee purchase; consumer service; separate category; defined benefit; written contract; unskilled worker; project duration; injured person; labor agreement; generic risks; occupational hygiene; manual handling; government's vision