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Improving electric power utility efficiency : issues and recommendations (英语)

This volume presents the issues and recommendations that emerged from the Electric Power Utility Efficiency Improvement Study conducted by the World Bank and nine other international technical and financial assistance organizations during 1989-91. The main report, detailing investigations of diesel power plants in 17 developing countries, was published as "Core Report of the Electric Power Utility Efficiency Improvement Study". This volume extracts from the main study a set of efficiency guidelines for power utility planners and policymakers emphasizing the objectives of developing the power sector (including appropriate demand-side management) while sustaining the financial/commercial viability of the utilities; rationalizing the organizational and fiscal interactions between utilities and governments; enhancing the utilities' institutional capacity for governance and staff management; structuring utility organizations for operational efficiency; and coordinating utility activities with financing agencies' policies and procedures. A checklist, presented as an annex provides point-by-point review of quantitative and qualitative factors that can be used to rate the performance of a utility. Quantitative measures are accompanied by target values where appropriate.

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