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Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Bangladesh - Improving Services Quality of Hospital Network and Financial Protection for the Poor - P174439 (英语)


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    Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Bangladesh - Improving Services Quality of Hospital Network and Financial Protection for the Poor - P174439

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    Union Health and Family Welfare Center; maternal and child health care; Household Income and Expenditure Survey; Environmental and Social Risk Classification; national health policies; health expenditure per capita; Reproductive and Child Health; provision of health service; leading cause of death; quality of public service; fiscal space for health; effect of climate change; Health Service Delivery; health protection; household survey data; provision of care; quality of care; Emergency Medical Services; health financing reform; quality health care; Public Facilities; Sustainable Economic Development; urban labor market; Secondary Health Care; early neonatal mortality; ambulatory health care; blood glucose levels; primary health care; millennium development goal; health service provision; human resource development; health and nutrition; family planning visit; health care service; private health services; digital information system; deaths among children; emergency health care; health care financing; preventive health care; impact of service; financial risk protection; indicators of health; public hospital system; patient-centered care; decline in poverty; national poverty rate; Investment Project Financing; catastrophic health expenditure; government health expenditure; laboratory diagnostic capacity; signs of recovery; patient-centered approach; mental health conditions; distribution of resource; infection control measures; basic health care; blood pressure cuff; shortages of equipment; health information system; proportion of woman; private hospitals; financial protection; clinical service; inpatient care; private provider; Antenatal Care; diabetes mellitus; essential medicines; government hospital; health facility; improved health; hospital bed; vaccination campaign; health outcome; community clinics; movement restriction; real gdp; health systems; neonatal care; disease burden; operational plan; health finance; development partner; demand-side financing; benefit package; outpatient care; Quality Enhancement; world economy; rural population; other sectors; clinical audit; urban setting; light source; life expectancy; organizational structure; delivery network; involuntary resettlement; shared learning; private investment; subsequent years; Disease Prevention; risk index; medical specialist; global climate; inequitable distribution; Maternal Mortality; clinical care; health tool; renal function; community systems; based financing; strategic purchasing; live birth; health workforce; peer learning; clear definition; regulatory control; management cost; banking system; general hospitals; unsustainable consumption; management structure; beneficiary identification; service contract; Reproductive Health; hospital discharge; epidemiological study; district hospital; primary care; occupancy rate; fatality rate; myocardial infarction; kidney failure; hospital capacity; population health; facility management; minimum requirement; household budget; Disease Surveillance; disease profile; Climate Risk; labor influx; Natural Resources; Infant Mortality; recent studies; claims processing; distributed service; pregnant woman; water pollution; government effectiveness; purchaser-provider split; hospital resource; common feature; pocket spending; utilization rate; hospital using; medical intervention; cost-effective intervention; maternal death; public funding; workforce skill; partnership framework; urban consumer; project costing; Infectious Disease; air emission; child death; health-care services; land acquisition; high expense; Rural Poor; joint product; percent change; wastewater discharge; care seeking; national institute; project datum; civil works; poor household; cervical cancer; Cardiovascular Disease; neonatal condition; appropriate treatment; in hospital; inpatient admission; gender equity; population research; comparative study; financing instrument; social impact; medical practice; social background; urban poor; Social Protectio