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Argentina - Sustainable Recovery of Landscapes and Livelihoods in Argentina Project (英语)


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    Argentina - Sustainable Recovery of Landscapes and Livelihoods in Argentina Project

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    Environmental and Social Management Framework; Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation; climate change action plan; convention to combat desertification; economic and financial analysis; environment and sustainable development; Grievance Redress Service; resilience to climate change; sustainable natural resource use; vulnerability to climate change; water quality and quantity; Environment and Natural Resources; access to drinking water; effect of climate change; minimum quotas for woman; access to basic service; public information access; community health and safety; Man and Biosphere; monitoring and evaluation arrangement; impact of climate change; value chain; million people; resilience of ecosystems; extreme weather event; climate resilience; Climate Risk; ecosystem service; land use planning; Finance for Development; extreme climate events; improved agricultural practice; climate change adaptation; access to food; good environmental management; global economic crisis; agricultural and food; capacity for implementation; due diligence assessment; consumption of water; future climate change; fiscal stimulus package; health care system; source income; source of income; energy and water; sustainable livelihood opportunity; food value chain; management of ecosystems; climate risk screening; parallel exchange rate; risk category; long-term climate change; extreme precipitation events; alternative exchange rate; fiscal deficit reduction; tons of carbon; climate change mitigation; Water and Energy; expansion of cropland; primary fiscal deficit; losses from flood; climate change threat; low environmental impact; climate change impact; care for child; land use change; grievance redress mechanism; rural economic activity; costs of investment; informal economic activity; share of benefit; debt service obligation; invasive exotic species; agriculture and livestock; crowded living condition; contribution of women; public servant; landscape level; rural area; rural population; indigenous people; green jobs; Indigenous Peoples; natural hazard; vulnerable group; carbon stock; climate vulnerability; ghg emissions; market access; agricultural production; Rural Poor; Climate Smart; thermal insulation; best practice; condition precedent; provincial agency; vulnerable population; international commitment; rural woman; results framework; resilient infrastructure; rural activity; natural capital; carbon neutral; tourism revenue; economic recovery; Gender Gap; Livestock Production; subtropical forest; Carbon sequestration; productive land; institutional context; local capacity; absorptive capacity; tourism sector; Disaster Risk; ecosystem-based adaptation; sustainable production; Gender Equality; total employment; participatory planning; stakeholder engagement; outstanding debt; domestic law; climate condition; tourist destination; new cases; sustainable landscape; occupancy rate; agricultural output; land area; agricultural land; family farm; booster shot; biodiversity corridor; hospital bed; inclusive growth; basic structure; national gdp; maize production; pasture production; conservation finance; specific capacity; socio-economic development; environmental enforcement; endangered species; habitat loss; illegal hunting; marine ecosystem; terrestrial ecosystem; land-use change; habitat conservation; local ecosystems; cheese production; forest fruit; environmental analysis; small farm; in family; employment opportunities; employment opportunity; monetary benefit; informal worker; production system; female participation; family farming; drought events; conservation landscapes; food production; financial shock; indigenous household; gender violence; vulnerable people; water scarcity; subtropical regions; construction technology; cutting issues; rural economy; small family; recent times; tourism infrastructure; road closure; system analysis; adaptive capacity; screening tool; ecological value; forestry sector; fishing sector; methane ga