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Results in the Latin America and Caribbean Region (英语)

The Latin America and Caribbean region has had impressive achievements in the past decade, such as cutting extreme poverty by half and adding more than 50 million people to the middle class. Beyond the positive external conditions, it was the concerted efforts and dedication of the region's countries to improve the lives of their citizens that enabled these and many other remarkable results. The World Bank is proud to be a part of this story, learning from our partners and contributing with knowledge, convening power and resources for initiatives ranging from the local to the regional, increasing opportunities for all Latin Americans. Results on the ground are the core of the World Bank's mission to eradicate extreme poverty and share the benefits of prosperity, especially for those at the bottom of the social pyramid. This publication presents some of the recent results the World Bank Group has helped achieve in the Latin America and Caribbean Region.


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    Results in the Latin America and Caribbean Region

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