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Solar resource mapping in Tanzania : solar modelling report (英语)

This interim solar modelling report provides an overview of the results achieved by modelling the solar radiation based on satellite data and numerical weather prediction models (NWPM) in phase one of the solar resources mapping project for Tanzania. The project comprises three phases. The first phase comprises project inception, preliminary modelling, and implementation planning. Within this phase one, an un-validated solar atlas based on the synergistic combination of satellite and NWPM derived solar data for Tanzania has been carried out. The interim output of the solar atlas is presented in this report. Within phase two, ground-based data collection will be undertaken through a measurement campaign at sites selected from areas defined according to the results of phase one. Finally, in phase three, a resource atlas with reduced direct normal irradiance (DNI) and global horizontal irradiance (GHI) and diffuse horizontal irradiance (DHI) uncertainty with respect to in phase one will be generated from post-processing satellite and NWPM solar radiation outputs with the validated ground-based solar data collected during the measurement campaign of phase two. Preliminary analysis of solar resource and its variability in Tanzania is the focus of this report. Section one gives background. Section two gives introduction. Section three contains a review of previous solar resource assessment and measurements in Tanzania. Section four presents the methodology for the solar resource assessment; using analysis of the satellite and NWPM derived solar data coherence and combination. In section five solar maps are presented and briefly discussed. Finally, section six gives conclusions and outlines the current achievements and the future needs in the solar resource mapping project for Tanzania.


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    Bernardos, Ana, Gaston, Martin, Fernandez-Peruchena, Carlos, Ramirez, Lourdes, Vindel, Jose Maria, Pasturino Amarillo,Luis Martin, Bermejo, Diego, Liria, Juan

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    Solar resource mapping in Tanzania : solar modelling report

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