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China - Henan Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Project resettlement action plan : Resettlement planning (英语)

Resettlement of populations affected by the China Henan Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Project is to be arranged within the same village and same group, and compensation will be in cash. The aims of resettlement are to make full use of local natural resources with the principle of adapting to local conditions, and to reduce the effects of resettlement, returning lost land to residents and reducing negative effects on agricultural production as soon as possible, so as to return or improve the living standards of affected populations. A second aim is to develop secondary and tertiary industries in order to transfer rural labor and increase income of displaced people. Compensation will be distributed equally, given with the aim of recovering the original function, size, and standard of land. Compensation will be given for land taken, buildings and assets affixed to land, , young plants and crops, land temporarily taken, and houses demolished, as well as roads damaged by the project. Resettlement arrangements are to be negotiated with affected villagers, and houses demolished in connection with the sewage treatment plant in Mengjin County will be negotiated with residents. The plan addresses the geographic location of resettlement and environmental conditions, infrastructure restoration, farming arrangements, community participation, and broadening opportunities to further encourage commercial and economic activities. Moreover, the report addresses the protection of women and their rights, noting that there are no single women to be affected, and although in the affected countryside women enjoy the same legal rights as men, there are none that will be affected negatively by land acquisition and project construction. However, the plan does provide for consultation with women as to any grievances and for representatives to resolve them.