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Venezuela - Endemic Disease Control Project (英语)

The project will: (i) reduce the incidence and impact of endemic diseases in Venezuela; and (ii) strengthen the institutions responsible for endemic disease control. The project will include: (a) an endemic disease control component to support new and ongoing epidemiological surveillance activities; treatment of cases and preventive treatment; entomological surveillance and vector control; rural housing improvements to eliminate the habitat of the Chagas vector; health education activities; education and water treatment activities for cholera prevention; and innovative measures identified through operational research; and (b) an institutional strengthening component to support training at all levels; development of information systems; operational research on control measures, strategies and technologies; and construction of operational bases, training facilities, and central and regional headquarters. The project will finance the contracting of civil works, provision of equipment, vehicles, construction materials, drugs and pesticides, and payment of training, technical assistance, special studies, maintenance and supervision.