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Chile - Second Public Sector Management Project (PSM II) (英语)

The project aims to improve overall central governmental management efficiency and to enhance Chile's policy formulation and implementation capacity. Specifically, it will: (a) improve information systems and management of the principal public financial management agencies; (b) increase the quality and facilitate the use of information and subsequent analysis in legislative economic decision-making; (c) contribute to strengthening the analytical policy and implementation capacity of the government; and (d) enhance the capacity to assess critically issues that cross specific development sectors. To achieve these objectives, the project will: (i) develop and/or improve existing taxpayer and beneficiary management information systems, to include development of performance indicators in four financial management agencies; (ii) improve the capacity of the Library of Congress to provide economic information and analysis, including strengthening its reference holdings; (iii) provide improved economic data and information systems and analytic capacity to guide decision-making; (iv) strengthen the analytical information base available to the Interministerial Committees; and (v) strengthen the Ministry of Finance's capacity to manage the proposed project.