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Additional Financing Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Additional Financing for Rwanda COVID-19 Emergency Response Project - P175252 (英语)


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    Environmental and Social Review Summary

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    Africa East,

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    Additional Financing Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) - Additional Financing for Rwanda COVID-19 Emergency Response Project - P175252

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    Environmental and Social Review Summary; Occupational health and safety; Environmental and Social Impact; woman head of household; health and safety risk; sustainable management; community health and safety; Risks and Mitigation Measures; health and safety issue; emergency response; health care facilities; health care facility; social risk management; diagnosis and treatment; community at large; medical waste management; Social Risk Rating; illness and death; personal protective equipment; use of force; equipment and supply; waste management plan; infection control precautions; capacity-building effort; lack of resource; informal sector worker; laboratory biosafety; medical waste disposal; international good practice; categories of worker; protection of workers; health promotion interventions; grievance redress mechanism; medical facility; medical supply; district hospital; Natural Resources; grievance mechanism; healthcare worker; vulnerable group; rehabilitation activities; civil works; medical center; security personnel; stakeholder engagement; environmental risk; social distance; diagnostic testing; adequate provision; health facility; potential conflicts; quarantine facility; Cultural Heritage; project finance; chemical waste; quarantine procedure; infectious substance; community engagement; laboratory supplies; laboratory equipment; project intervention; involuntary resettlement; test kit; virus culture; land use; reporting requirement; biosafety guidelines; public consultation; retroactive financing; consumable materials; testing laboratory; biomedical waste; immune system; Host Communities; risk communication; border area; physical characteristic; cultural site; precautionary measure; construction work; day laborer; communication strategy; general assessment; positive outcome; biological waste; project datum; laboratory staff; safe handling; natural habitat; land acquisition; diagnostic laboratories; cultural sensitivities; project financing; global pandemic; national system; labor category; safe operation; working condition; emergency financing; workers' rights; natural phenomenon; clinical practice; public health; public space; hand hygiene; labor issue; adequate supply; medical equipment; chemical product; construction waste; medical goods; public meeting; two-way communication; logistical support; citizen engagement; emergency situation; public authority; health expert; national radio; medical personnel; social media; financing instrument; emergency preparedness; Infectious Disease; contract worker; rest period; laboratory activity; injection safety; project risk; street vendor; social safeguard; mental issues; hand sanitizer; stakeholder consultation; health specialist; national regulation; incineration facility; urban settlement; intervention district; national healthcare; urban community; art laboratory; senior operations; human disease; laboratory facility; laboratory procedures; legal framework; institutional framework; urban poor