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Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP) - Maputo Urban Transformation Project - P171449 (英语)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Environmental and Social Commitment Plan

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    Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP) - Maputo Urban Transformation Project - P171449

  • 关键词

    cultural heritage management; community health and safety; Land Acquisition and Resettlement; Occupational health and safety; solid waste management plan; traffic and road safety; sustainable use of resources; call for bids; Sexually Transmitted Infection; emergency response plan; due diligence assessment; response to emergency; exchange of letter; infrastructure management; grievance mechanism; emergency preparedness; organizational structure; construction activities; civil works; Resource Efficiency; stakeholder engagement; pollution prevention; monthly reports; vulnerable group; unforeseen circumstance; resettlement plan; involuntary resettlement; labor influx; Child protection; security guard; security personnel; management framework; green infrastructure; contract management; environmental license; natural heritage; financial intermediaries; multiple channels; raw material; indigenous people; pollution control; capacities in support; water use; working condition; legal right; environmental recovery; sanitary landfill; natural habitat; Indigenous Peoples; protected area; rehabilitation activities; land demarcation; engineering design; retention basin; conservation needs; flood risk; work contracts; first year; biodiversity risk; Natural Resources; national implementation; resettlement activities; land use; national heritage; security assessment; safety plan; regular monitoring; management tool; safety impact; performance result; tender procedure; affected communities; adaptive management; procurement documents; construction site; community safety; national policy; security management; environmental safeguard