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Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Second Rwanda Urban Development Project (P165017) (英语)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    环境评价,Environmental and Social Assessment,社会评估

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  • 文件名称

    Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Second Rwanda Urban Development Project (P165017)

  • 关键词

    united nations framework convention on climate change; Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy; road right of way; employment status; Savings and Credit Cooperative; secondary city; Drainage and Water Quality; convention on biological diversity; conference of the parties; electricity utilities; Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome; water-borne disease; human immunodeficiency virus infection; environmental and social management; Environmental and Social Performance; Cultural Heritage and Tourism; location of bus stop; occupational safety and health; Environmental and Social Impact; grievance redress mechanism; transportation of good; resettlement action plan; low income areas; appropriate mitigation measures; gender based violence; deep water crossing; project affected persons; finance and economic; flora and fauna; valued ecosystem components; transport development; Resettlement Policy Framework; capacity building plan; public involvement; risks of erosion; emission of dust; Resettlement action plans; personal protective equipment; global environment monitoring; places of worship; water quality analysis; geographic information system; native tree species; global positioning system; service and infrastructure; use by household; investor-state dispute settlement; negative environmental impact; air quality assessment; Sexually transmitted diseases; source income; public health association; source of income; biological oxygen demand; central business district; displacement of people; california bearing ratio; surface water; Solid Waste Management; construction and operation; income generating opportunity; visual inspection; project impact; street light; project road; cycle lane; construction phase; road pavement; civil works