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China - Second Wuhan Second Urban Transport : environmental assessment : Environmental impact assessment (汉语,英语)

The objective of the Wuhan Second Urban Transport Project for China is to enhance mobility within and to the central area of Wuhan (the area within the second ring road) in an environmentally sustainable, integrated, and safe manner. The secondary-leveled environmental impact includes that of dust, noise, waste water and waste soil and other wastes, and handling traffic diversion, etc. during the construction period, of which, discussions and relevant mitigation measures are all dealt thoroughly in the original EIA report and EMP so not necessary to do with them herein. This construction work is carried out in line with the following procedural steps: (i) foundation pit excavation, (ii) pile foundation construction, (iii) gate-chamber construction, (iv) wing wall construction on each of the both sides, (v) work site’s pavement construction, (vi) earth backfilling, (vii) protective slope construction, and (viii) cleaning up the site; and in flood season while Zhanggong Dyke Gate is to be closed the traffic police should be informed beforehand so as to scheme out traffic diversion reasonably compatible with the road network, which is released in advance to the public through appropriate media.