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Horticultural trade patterns in an expanded European Community and their effects on developing countries (英语)

This paper puts in perspective the importance of the EC as a market for horticultural products and the development of this market over time. The contribution of the Bank to fruit and vegetable projects located in the Mediterranean area and exporting it to the EC is noted and the reason for the Bank's interest in understanding the dynamics and potential of the EC market is explained. The paper continues by exploring the common agriculture policy of the EC, the changes likely to occur as a result of the southern enlargement of the EC, and the method used for estimating the effects of enlargement. Results indicate the EC and world prices will fall as the southern countries become integrated into the EC. The report concludes by studying the effects of these changes on Tunisia. While many products will be more difficult to market in the EC, Tunisia does have certain products which will be unaffected by the EC expansion and where increased exports to the EC will be possible.