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China - Second Guangdong Pearl River Delta Urban Environment (Foshan and Jiangmen) Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 7) : Environmental impact assessment report for the Foshan Nanzhuang Sludge Treatment Plant Project (英语)

This environmental assessment for the Second Guangdong Pearl River Delta Urban Environment (Foshan and Jiangmen) Project for China anticipates negative environmental impacts associated with project activities, which will improve the environmental quality for Foshan Municipality, and discusses recommendations for mitigating these impacts. Possible impacts include impacts on land use, land acquisition, and resettlement; general impacts from construction activities like nuisances and threats to public safety; impacts from earthworks and waste production, handling, and disposal (dust, sediment discharge); impacts on air and water quality and noise; impacts on wildlife and habitats; impacts on public health and public services; and impacts on cultural heritage. To alleviate these adverse impacts, the report suggests the following: follow Chinese regulations concerning land acquisition and resettlement; isolate work camps from urban residents; maintain the cleanliness of work sites; adhere to contract specifications regarding the operation and maintenance of equipment and material transport; enforce existing noise standards and monitor odor nuisances; ban work during appointed periods; coordinate traffic and use road signs to prevent accidents; enforce specification regarding waste handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous and ordinary waste products; monitor effluent and sludge quality, aquatic ecology, and general water body quality; prevent cutting of ficus microcarpa champion trees and train workers to avoid injuring trees; comply with occupational health and safety requirements; and use fencing and provide information to residents concerning safety using the Internet.