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Honduras - Road Reconstruction and Improvement Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 4) : Evaluacion ambiental carretera Yoro - San Lorenzo - Olanchito (西班牙语)

This environmental assessment identifies, and evaluates potential adverse environmental impacts resulting from the implementation of the Road Reconstruction and Improvement Project in Honduras, and reviews the legal framework for environmental compliance. Negative impacts are expected to affect physical, - air, soil and water pollution - biological, - land and aquatic vegetation and fauna - and, socioeconomic environments. Although by and large, fragile ecosystems do not threaten soil erosion, contractors are expected to follow the natural terrain for drainage works, to prevent stagnant water-flows, and/or land degradation. The mitigation plan stipulates: 1) Solid wastes shall not be incinerated, instead should be disposed of at selected sites in accordance with standard regulations, and oil spills will be similarly stored, and disposed of at selected sites. Additionally, equipment, and vehicles will be subjected to preventive maintenance to minimize both air, and noise pollution. 2) Surfaces should be permanently humidified, and the use of equipment covers will be available as needed. 3) Civil works along rivers should adjust to the natural water flows, with no wastewater drainage allowed on natural waters, and, dredging should avoid depletion of underground water-flows. Latrines or septic tanks should be installed as needed. 4) Vegetative propagation will be restituted following civil works, and flora and fauna habitats will be avoided as possible. Socioeconomic aspects will be addressed in the Resettlement Action Plan.


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    Consultores en Ingenieria S.A. de C.V. / Conash

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    Evaluacion ambiental carretera Yoro - San Lorenzo - Olanchito

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    Environmental assessment; Road rehabilitation; Legal & regulatory framework; Air pollution control; Water pollution control; Noise abatement; Land degradation; Aquatic ecology; Water pollution control; Socioeconomic conditions; Soil erosion; Drainage ditches; Underground water pollution; Solid waste disposal; Oil spills; Landfill siting; Equipment management; Spraying; Latrines; Septic tanks; Vegetative propagation; Biodiversity conservation